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(Jul 31, 2017)
Alright, welcome back to the Unit, Mai!
(Jul 14, 2015)
Hey guys, please find my farewell in the forum.
(Mar 10, 2015)
Congrats to NemesisChiken, the new Senior MasterChief Petty Officer.
(Mar 08, 2015)
Two discrepencies until I can add more ranks here. Mai is a MasterChief Petty Officer and Fischer is a Chief Petty Officer. The correct rank displays for them in MWO.
(Mar 08, 2015)
Going promotion crazy this Sunday. Congrats.
(Mar 01, 2015)
Congrats to Felix and Muckmaker on their respective promotions.
(Feb 23, 2015)
Officers, please vote for Benjamins' Next Top Model, I mean Chu-sa in the officer section of forum.
(Feb 23, 2015)
Laptop fan problems persistent. Promoting Xentrics up so that he can keep the unit going strong in what seems like will be an extended leave of absence for me.
(Feb 23, 2015)
Lucky for me they extended the event and I may get the chance to play some today.
(Jan 23, 2015)
Sorry about my laptop problems but at least I got my machine gun range maxxed out finally.
(Jan 22, 2015)
Congrats to Tauren and Conraydi on promotions!
(Jan 11, 2015)
Congrats to David McKier on promotion to Gunsho.
(Jan 06, 2015)
Max, contact me via my e-mail or on facebook Michael Hanrahan (.39)
(Jan 06, 2015)
Welcome to Lorunaie, Felix's friend.
(Jan 02, 2015)
Some of you knew, but if you get 5 wins in any trial mechs, you get 1000gxp.
(Dec 22, 2014)
David McKier and Ryder Fitzgerald promoted by 1 rank. Congrats.
(Dec 19, 2014)
DO NOT participate in attacks against the FRR, but you can defend. We are honoring the truce.
(Dec 18, 2014)
I will look for Tauren in the Membership next time I'm in game. Welcome Muck and Tauren.
(Dec 16, 2014)
I'm happy to welcome "Tauren" and "Muck" to our unit! If you happen to have Facebook check my post in the forums. :-)